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Our Story


Lebelik was created out of a feeling of deep affection to what is real, authentic and raw.

It was founded by twins and business partners Michel & Louise Doumet who launched their venture in New York, spring 2011 after Louise was approached by random women in the streets asking her about her clothes and accessories which were all, of course, Lebanese designs. That’s when she knew that the Lebanese fashion market had to be spread and conveyed to the world.

 Their aim was to help Lebanese designers share their work with people around the world and to build a community of fashion lovers that could come together on one platform that showcases Lebanese design.

BEIRUT, September, 2021 – Lebelik takes style-conscious consumers on a trip around the world and empowering local emerging talent along the way. A curated marketplace for independent designers across the Mena Region and the world, the digital retail platform supports their growing brands and connects them with global customers. The site officially re-launched on May 1st, 2021 after being closed for almost a year.

Shoppers are invited to explore far-off destinations through a design-focused lens. Lebelik scouts major cities and remote villages in search of new looks and labels, regularly adding fresh content to the site. The collections come to life in vibrant photo shoots, engaging editorial content and trend forecasts that adapt to any desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Once shoppers choose their favorite pieces, Lebelik connects them directly to the international designers, who package and ship the orders straight from their ateliers.

“We search the globe for designers with a story to tell,” says Nour Khoury Jallad, the site’s new managing partner. “Their talents are showcased in our marketplace, a virtual caravanserai that delivers luxury fashion and quality craftsmanship right to a customer’s front door.”

Behind the scenes, Nour Khoury Jallad and founder Louise Doumet, an entrepreneur with a proven track record, provide designers with customer service, marketing, public relations and sales support, along with guidance to grow their businesses.

“Surviving in this industry comes down to an innate passion and a solid work ethic,” Louise Doumet says. “Everything else can be taught, and that’s where Lebelik comes in.”

Lebelik also plays a vital role in the community by stimulating local economies and local craftsmen. With a unique loyalty programs, and additional services offered, the company is supporting emerging brands and acting as a one stop shop for emerging talents.